Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Yarn and Fabric

I know I am not alone as a jewellery maker who also likes to dabble with other crafts.  I have enjoyed knitting on and off for a while now but recently my 'dabbling' with yarn has been taken to another level.  I blame fabulous podcasts by the likes of Amy and Tracey

If you are a knitter that frequents podcasts you most certainly will have heard of the fabulous Stephen West.  I was very lucky at Christmas because there was a copy of Westknits Best Knits waiting for me under the tree.  After much deliberation I decided to dive in and make the 'Doodler'

This is such a fabulous pattern.  I would consider myself to be an intermediate beginner.  This pattern was challenging enough without being too intimidating.  I find that if you take your time and break the instructions down into step by step parts you can't go too wrong.  There is a bit of everything here with colour changes that I hadn't done before, some cabling, short rows and i-cord which is also a new technique to me.

I had to get myself a willing volunteer to help me photograph the shawl in all its glory.

As you can see there is a lovely sunburst effect as the cable joins with the wave at the bottom.

Yarns used:
Mustard colour cable is Scrumptious Lace by Fyberspates

The variegated yarn in the main body is hand-dyed by UK indie dyer Amy Florence.  This is her Paradise base in the colourway Nougat.

The wave along the bottom is a Louisa Harding yarn called Amitola colour 107.

I will leave you with some more shots of my model wearing the Doodler. 

My current yarn project is a hap in Kate Davies book The Book of Haps more on that in another post.

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